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Maps 1-2: Royal City Junction-Warden Detour. Tracks remain in place and sections of rail are considered active between Royal City Junction and Warden. Lower Crab Creek Rd. parallels the trail for much of this detour.

See GPS map of ride from Beverly to Idaho border with detours, including Columbia Wildlife Refuge alternative

(also see associated trip report under LINKS)

Short detour near Lind due to missing trestle.


Missing trestle at Lind

Cow Creek Detour between Ralston and Marengo due to missing trestle. Steep climbs from the bridge footings, involving 40 feet of vertical rim rock and another 60 feet of steep slope (with rattlesnakes), a creek crossing, and property owners who are strongly opposed to trespassing necessitate this detour. Please respect private property.


The optional detour ( ) between Ralston and Marengo on low traffic, unpaved roads, bypasses Ritzville. Keep in mind that by bypassing Ritzville, there are NO SERVICES between Lind and Rosalia, other than camping potential in Ralston and Malden. Ritzville offers full services.

Detour west of Ewan, and Rock Lake Detour due to private property.

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As of Spring 2016 "*Please be aware that the one-mile section of the trail directly West of Ewan currently DOES NOT allow through access, you can contact Todd Dickerson at (509) 648-3626 if you would like to request access. A southern detour parallels the Rock Creek Recreation Area, a scenic alternative.

Short detours at ROSALIA and TEKOA due to missing trestles. (Click for PDFs)


Tekoa Trestle, closed

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